RBM Documentation Service
Time-lapse RBM Documentation Service

Time-lapse for large projects

Time-lapse RBM Documentation Service

Time-lapse for smaller projects

From the first excavator shovel to the finished project in 90 seconds! A fixed time-lapse camera takes photos at regular intervals (e.g. every 5 minutes), which are then assembled into a video film. Watch your entire construction project in retrospect. Analyse what your team has achieved and whether all steps were carried out in sequence. With our web portal, you don't always have to be on site yourself. The images are conveniently transferred to a server via 4G network and stored there.

Are you planning a construction project and would like to have a high-quality construction documentation made using a time-lapse camera? Then you've come to the right place. Our camera systems deliver impressive images with a wide angle of 220° panoramic quality with a resolution of 4K or 6K. We don't necessarily need a 230V power connection for construction documentation. The camera system can also be easily operated with solar power or a fuel cell. Regular maintenance intervals and inspection runs are included in our price packages.

Time-lapse cameras for small & large projects

Independent operation through solar or fuel cell

Monitoring on web portal

Webcams for traffic monitoring

For quality assurance

For end users, authorities, operational services

Time Lapse & Traffic Cameras Website

With/without user restrictions

As a presentation on your company's website

As training material for your trainees

As footage for press representatives & media institutions

Example of bridge construction with incremental launching

Beispiel Teilabbruch Gewerbegebäude

Beispiel Einhub Geh- & Radwegbrücke über Wasser

Example of asphalt paving with time-lapse

Example bridge demolition

Beispiel Fahrbahnerneuerung Autobahn

Bei Projekten, die länger als 4 Wochen dauern, arbeiten wir als Partner mit den Zeitraffer-Systemen der Firma Enlaps.

Enlaps Tikee Zeitraffer Timelapse Camera
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