Inspection RBM Documentation Service
Inspection RBM Documentation Service

The inspection of industrial and production facilities, buildings, energy generators and all other hard-to-reach places can be carried out by drones faster, more cost-effectively, minimising risk and with greater flexibility.

In addition to inspection flights, the RBM documentation service also offers normal image and video documentation from the air; for example, to document the progress of a construction project or damage to buildings. By day and by night.

Flexible and safe inspection

Less time required

as for example with industrial climbers

Use of rope access technology, scaffolding, cranes, etc. not applicable

Drones can replace or supplement visual inspections

Risk minimising alternative

at great heights, in confined spaces, in hard-to-reach areas

Little or no downtime

Costs for production downtime are reduced

Video in 4K / Photos with 48 MP

Areas of application

Inspection RBM Documentation Service
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