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Do you need up-to-date aerial photos quickly?

We at RBM Documentation Service are ready with our multicopter day and night, and can thus deliver the desired aerial images. Our copter can be used for documentation and inspection flights, surveys and 3D scanning.

With our location in Regensburg, our area of operation mainly covers Bavaria. However, we can also be booked throughout Germany on request. With our EU long-distance pilot certificates A1/A2/A3, we are allowed to take off and land in all EU countries. And even at short notice without much advance planning.

DJI Mavic Air 3 mit bis zu 48 MP Fotoauflösung

Ascent permit for the whole of Bavaria, Germany and the EU

EU-certificates A1/A2/A3 available

We wear protective clothing class 3

Zur Qualitäts- & Beweissicherung

For damage documentation

e.g. storm damage, wildfires or damaged PV systems

As a presentation on your company's website

e.g. virtual construction diary

As B2B reference

Training material for your trainees

e.g. for prospective civil engineers, road builders etc.

Shots from aeroplane or helicopter on request

This is how we proceed

If other permits are required in addition to the long-distance pilot's certificate (e.g. special permit from the responsible road traffic authorities, take-off and landing permit from the local authority, Federal Maritime Office when flying on federal waterways, German Railways in the vicinity of railway tracks, Air Agency in the vicinity of airfields).

Drone flights within built-up areas must be reported to the responsible police station 24 hours in advance. We also report flights near federal trunk roads to the traffic police.

We can secure smaller work sites in built-up areas ourselves in accordance with the RSA. We take care of the application for the VAO and the corresponding signage. For this we have passed a certificate of competence according to MVAS and ZTV-SA.

- Weather check
- Check wind speed
- Select suitable take-off and landing site
- Determine safety distances at the work site
- Check no-fly zones

Then comes the actual drone flight. Since in Germany drones can only be flown on sight, we often have a so-called spotter (co-pilot) with us. He always keeps an eye on the copter so that the pilot can also concentrate on controlling the camera.

After the flight, all images can be evaluated immediately on site. Our production vehicle has an autonomous 230V power supply. A PC workstation with LTE connection via mobile radio is also integrated. We also have a printer with us.

We deliver all photos and videos, whether post-processed or in raw format, on USB stick, hard drive or DVD. If you wish, we can also provide the material via download link in our DSGVO-compliant cloud.


A2 Remote Pilot Drone

Selection of sample photos

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