Mobile Internet RBM Documentation Service
Mobile Internet RBM Documentation Service
Mobile Internet RBM Documentation Service

Our society is heavily dependent on the internet. A breakdown not only restricts our daily lives. Experts estimate the risk of a total outage to be very low. But nevertheless, there can be an interruption lasting several days in a limited area, for example due to construction work. A power failure can also lead to no more data coming from the distribution boxes of the cable providers.

So what happens when the internet is gone? The first effects are the loss of communication possibilities, such as email or IP telephony. Financial systems, such as stock exchanges and banks, also come to a standstill. Supermarkets and pharmacies can no longer order supplies over the net; hospitals can no longer process patient data. Security and surveillance systems cannot transmit data. In industry, production stops, costing a lot of time and money.

Fortunately, total blackouts are only fiction so far. Such events can be prevented by securing the infrastructure accordingly. With our mobile internet, we can bridge network failures at companies or institutions for several hours or even days.

Mobile LTE units

24/7 service technicians - set-up at your site

EU wide availability

Data upload & download

Fixed daily prices

WLAN hotspot

WLAN Call, Email, Web Fax, IP Telephony


90m RJ45, UPS, optional: router

Our LTE units

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