Traffic opening of local transport bridge

RBM Documentation Service Release Bridge A3 Regensburg

Project information

Period: 09 October 2020
Kategorie: Bilddokumentation, Tiefbau

Project description

On 09.10.2020 at around 1 pm, the bridge on Walhallastraße was opened to traffic. It leads over the A3 motorway and connects the towns of Barbing and Neutraubling, and also directs the flow of traffic to the large furniture stores in the east of the town. In the course of the expansion of the A3 and after a ten-month construction phase, the bridge is finally finished and has even been given an additional lane. Instead of three lanes, it now has four, which is why trafficcan flowin two lanes in each direction.After some remaining work in the morning, vehicles are now already driving over the new bridge. In addition, a walking and cycling path was built, which is separated from the lanes by a concrete wall, thus increasing the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. The bridge spans the A3 over a length of about 55 metres and without central piers.

Among other things, we created a photo documentation of the traffic release for the Autobahndirektion Südbayern.

Further reference photos only on request!

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