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Damage documentation is elementary after events such as floods, storms, fires, landslides or accidents in order to record the actual situation and document the extent of the damage. With our drones, we can get to places that are dangerous for people or far away for overview photos. With additional equipment, the necessary protective clothing and a trained eye, it is no problem for the RBM documentation service to get into damaged areas and take the appropriate pictures. In high resolution and with the necessary care, these photos can also be made available to experts or authorities.

With our 360-degree camera, we can also create a special type of damage documentation. You do not have to be on site yourself. We "preserve" what happened in 360-degree images and merge them into a virtual reality. This way, you can re-examine the scene countless times without having to be on site yourself. The viewing would even be possible with VR glasses.

Major fire and damage incidents always pose a special challenge for all emergency forces. Especially in acute hazard situations, it is important to get a quick overview in order to be able to adequately plan the next steps.

For this, it is of particular importance to obtain as much information as possible. We at RBM Documentation Service can provide you with an overview on site - directly at the scene - from any height via drone and directly provide aerial photos for further mission planning; digitally or in printed form.

In addition, the material can be made available to investigating authorities after the end of the mission. This means that a helicopter can be dispensed with and the turntable ladder can be used for its actual purpose.

Immediately available image material for evaluation

360 degree images

e.g. to avoid scene deterioration

On request: images with time stamp

Images can be evaluated afterwards on the PC

z. E.g. assessor does not have to be on site

Damage documentation for insurance companies & authorities

e.g. virtual construction diary

Damage documentation for private individuals

Example: Burglary

Example: Sunken ferry

Example: wildfire

Example: overturned mobile crane

Note: Official photo documentation with 135 images; photos have been made unrecognisable for data protection reasons.

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