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Building documentation

RBM Documentation Service Construction Documentation Construction Site

We document your building project from the laying of the foundation stone to completion. And we do it in such a way that you can use the pictures for quality assurance and understand every step of the work.

Damage documentation

RBM Documentation Service Damage Documentation Burglary Fire Accident Thunderstorm

We document damage after a storm, fire, accident or burglary in high-resolution images and with all details. For private individuals, insurance companies or authorities.

Aerial Photography Service

RBM Documentation Service Aerial Photo Drone

Do you need the latest aerial shots quickly? We are ready with our multicopter to deliver the aerial shots you need. Day and night at an altitude of up to 120 metres.

Time-lapse systems

RBM Documentation Service Time Lapse Timelapse Camera

Our time-lapse systems deliver photos at regular intervals, which are then assembled into a video film, at a fixed location and completely independent of 230V mains power.

Foto- & Videodokumentation

RBM Dokumentationsdienst Fotodokumentation Titel

Wir dokumentieren nicht nur Baustellen, sondern erstellen Fotodokumentationen und Videodokumentationen in vielen Bereichen – vor allem mit technischem Hintergrund.

2D / 3D photogrammetry

RBM Documentation Service Photogrammetry 2D 3D Aerial Surveying GeoTiff GeoTif

2D and 3D aerial photographs are compiled into centimetre-precise orthophotos (GeoTiff) using software and thus used for surveying purposes, for example.

360 degree images

360 Degree RBM Documentation Service

360 degree images and tours allow builders, architects and prospective real estate buyers to take a photo-realistic tour of the construction site or property from a distance.

Inspection flight

RBM Documentation Service Inspection Drone Inspection Flight

The inspection of industrial plants, structures and other hard-to-reach places can be carried out by drones in a more cost-effective, risk-minimising and flexible way.

Mobile Internet

RBM Documentation Service Mobile Internet Hotspot LTE 4G Satellite

With our emergency internet (mobile LTE and satellite units), we can bridge network failures at companies or facilities for several hours or even days.

Current & News

For 10 years, the RBM Documentation Service has been working on projects around the globe

Construction sites in building construction, civil engineering & structural engineering

Demolition & Blasting

Damage sites

On land, in the water & in the air

For industrial, private customers & public authorities

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All around service

Special equipment

From one source

For quality assurance

What do we do at the RBM Documentation Service?

We at RBM Dokumentationsdienst produce professional photo and video documentation for quality assurance, documentation and evidence purposes. In addition to high-resolution photo and video cameras, we also use drones, 360-degree cameras and 3D scanners.

With the help of Ground Control Points (GCP), we can survey larger areas quickly and with centimetre accuracy, and generate a georeferenced aerial image.

With 360-degree cameras, we capture all details of real estate or damaged areas so that a virtual tour of the property can be created afterwards. In the public sector, we offer time-lapse cameras as well as stand-alone webcams - for example on construction sites or for traffic monitoring.

At work


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Regenstr. 3, 93138 Lappersdorf
0941 37801710
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