Exploratory drilling Tunnelling

RBM Documentation Service A93 Motorway Tunnel Pfaffenstein Drilling

Project information

Period: 27 January 2021
Category: Image documentation, Civil engineering

Project description

The RBM documentation service has produced the following photo documentation in the field of tunnel construction: On the Winzerer Höhen near Regensburg, the Autobahn GmbH des Bundes Southern Bavaria branch is carrying out exploratory drilling above the Pfaffenstein motorway tunnel. At a total of 14 locations, vertical boreholes are being drilled into the mountain to a depth of up to 84 metres. The drillings are intended to provide information about the groundwater levels in the mountain and the so-called rock mechanical properties. These findings will be used in the current investigations for a general overhaul of the Pfaffenstein tunnel, through which the A 93 motorway runs between the Regensburg-Pfaffenstein and Regensburg-Nord junctions.

Further reference photos only on request!

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